Podcasting as Marketing

Podcasts are a rapidly growing channel, ideal for building brand trust and exposure. Yet the barrier to entry remains high.

Podcast Services

  • Google Ads
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Display Ad Creative
  • Lead-Oriented results
  • Landing page design
Podcasters listen to an average of seven shows per week.
16 million avid podcasts fans
Percent of podcast listeners who have a college degree
 5 star rating
"With the world focused on how to reduce screen time, it opens up a massive audio opportunity" Ek Said. "This opportunity starts with the next phase of growth in audio -- podcasting"

—Spotify CEO after aquisition of Gimlet Media for a reported 230 million.

Podcasting helps build brands

We believe quality content pays the highest dividends. Podcasts are a medium for brands to showcase their strongest suit: industry knowledge.

Capture Company Culture

Offer insights across departments with team member interviews. Share vision and values on air to strengthen company culture and build team cohesion.

Industry Knowledge

Podcasts build brand trust by allowing companies to showcase their industry expertise and provide valuable advice to listeners.

Stories Make People Care

Use the power of story telling to connect with your customer base. Share brand experiences that made someone's day better.