If you are trying to market your products or services to customers in Montana, you’ll need to take a unique approach. Montanans are hard workers, love local products and are very spread out throughout the state. At Pintler Group, we work with many Montana businesses and specialize in understanding the state’s residents and how to best market to them. Whether your business is taking advantage of Montana’s large outdoor industry by selling equipment online, are a small town, fourth-generation grocery store or something in between, here are five marketing ideas for Montana businesses.

No. 1: Dive Into Location Based Marketing

Montanans take pride in their residency and enjoy the unique lifestyle it awards them. Catering towards this local pride can be a good move for businesses trying to market to Montanans. To do this you might consider personalizing your website based on visitor location and geotargeting your online ads.


Man standing on the Rims in Billings, Montana


No. 2: Create a Product Montanans Can Relate To

Not only do Montanans take pride in their residency, they also love to purchase items that relate to their location. An example of this could be naming a product after a Montana city or local famous person. You could also use locally sourced ingredients such as huckleberries or sell a product that relates directly to a popular pastime such as fly fishing. After creating this product, use email marketing and advertising to share a story. In these advertising efforts share how the product relates to Montanans and why they should care. The Made in Montana program is another great way to show that your product is local.


No. 3: Take Advantage of Annual Events

While Montanans are quite spread out throughout the state, they love the opportunity to get together for offline events such as the county fair, folk festivals and high school football games. These events often offer unique advertising opportunities. Not only can you show online ads to the people at these events through geotargeting, you can also sponsor the local sports team to get your business name on the scoreboard. You could also pass out coupons at the fair or sell your products at a festival booth. Showing that you live in and support the community you are selling to is a great way to win the hearts of customers in Montana.


Montana Fair


No. 4: Show Love to Small Cities

Similar to how marketing at local events shows a love for the community, spending time in small cities throughout Montana can make a big impact on your customers’ brand loyalty. You might consider offering special small town discounts to local residents, donating to the local food bank or giving samples to the local grocery store. These small town acts of kindness show residents that you appreciate their choice to purchase from you.


No. 5: Tell a Personal Story

As mentioned above, Montanans love to know that the businesses they are purchasing from support their community. They also love to know that they are supporting local individuals and families when they make a purchase. Try sharing a photo of your family in your next email newsletter or introducing an employee when you record your next radio ad. Showing that there are real people behind the products and services you sell will make a great impact on these customers.


Picture of a Family


Montanans Love Shopping Local

If your business is located in Montana, you have the upperhand when marketing to residents of the state. As highlighted in all five steps above, Montanans simply love to support local companies who support them in return. Keep this information front of mind as you spend time and money marketing to residents of the state.