The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is right now.”
— Chinese Proverb

It used to be if your business had a picture on their Facebook page and a phone number to call, you were doing okay. Today, Facebook is home to more than one billion users and 900 million of them are accessing the site via mobile device. 

Social Media:

Everyone knows the power of social media can be harnessed to generate quality leads and exponentially increase brand awareness to a hyper focused audience.  However, not everyone out there knows exactly where to start. Let the Pintler Group social media experts help your team stand out in a loud and often overcrowded space.  We believe content is king and we don’t take this lightly. Our experienced copywriting crew works directly with your company to generate content that sings.


Content Writing/Blogging:

Expert content marketing means content that sticks. Think of great content marketing as the gift that keeps on giving. Customers continue to be engaged in quality writing and stories about your product, brand and service. It’s easy to get intimidated with confusing terminology about the algorithm of Google and the benefits to search engine optimization. Know this: Pintler Group editors and copywriters have backgrounds in creative writing, search marketing and digital advertising which combines for a powerful team in your corner. Strengthen your relationship with customers through Google Analytics to see which referrals drive the most quality traffic.


Facebook Advertising:

Grown from the same family as digital marketing, Facebook advertising is becoming a game-changer in any company’s marketing arsenal. We target by zip code, we target by age group and we can even market on Facebook to people that have visited your website. This is powerful stuff and the experts at Pintler Group can help create custom campaigns.


What's a Cookie Cutter?

Some companies treat social media like prescription instructions: twice a day everyday. This is a joke. We are the David to their Goliath. Our plans combine the power of spreadsheets with the creativity of white-boards.