online marketing is noisy. We provide clarity.                                                                                                                                       


We are an online marketing agency located in Missoula, Montana focused on helping companies grow through online communication. We know what it's like sifting through Google Analytics tutorials to place a tracking pixel or feeling like the digital age is moving faster than your business can singlehandedly keep up with. 

Enter Pintler Group. Founded in February 2015, we exist to deliver online marketing tools in the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing. From helping your team build custom audiences to executing on a detailed cost-per-customer marketing plan, we're here to help steer your team execute an online marketing plan.


We Believe:

Although we do plenty of brainstorming and strategic thinking, the team at Pintler Group believes in creating campaigns based on historical data. Higher education has never seen marketing campaigns like this before. 

The Problem:

For too long, ‘online marketing’ meant buying online ads and watching website traffic increase along with your marketing spend. Does that matter? We believe great online marketing is about architecture. Crafting a campaign that tells a specific story to a specific audience. Using GeoFli, a simple website geotargeting tool, we're able to personalize websites in an impactful way. 

What is great online marketing architecture?

  1. Campaigns setup with clear goals and objectives.
  2. Investing small amounts in different channels. Measure results and allocate marketing dollars accordingly.
  3. Remarkable design and a frictionless user-experience.
  4. Custom tailored content. Think PA system vs. dinner party. 
  5. Reporting. Focus on results.